August 2017

Taylor Guitar – Taylor Tuesday – Taylor Announces Taylor Copafera Guitars

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Copafera For International Models Recently, Taylor guitars has announced that for some of their 200 Deluxe series International guitars they will be substituting Rosewood with African Copafera wood. This come of the back of stricter regulation by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) on the international import… Read more »

Tonal Characteristics of Guitar Woods

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How Wood Selection Defines a Guitar’s Sound The most basic component to the core sound of a guitar is the wood. Different types of wood have different resonant properties called “tonewoods,” which are critical in setting a base for a guitar’s “voice.” A guitar’s sound begins with the transfer of vibrations from its strings into… Read more »

Heartbreaker Guitars on Social Media!

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Hey friends, it’s been a busy summer here at Heartbreaker with our 4th of July Sale, our Rick Turner Giveaway, and taking in a whole lot of great new guitars for you all to enjoy. We were blown away by the response to the Rick Turner Giveaway, and we loved the interactions and happy customers… Read more »

McPherson Guitars at Heartbreaker!

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Heartbreaker – A Top McPherson Guitars Dealer Here at Heartbreaker Guitars we love selling people guitars that fill a niche need or desire. Many of our customers love unique, and well built guitars. All of our luthiers provide high-quality instruments and we firmly believe no matter what your need, you can find something to Fall… Read more »