Heartbreaker Guitars – A PRS Dealer!

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Big news from us over here at Heartbreaker Guitars! We are now officially a dealer for Paul Reed Smith! That means you can now buy these great guitars from your favorite guitar dealer down here in Vegas! This has been a long time coming as we have long been admirers of these sweet guitars, but… Read more »

Taylor Tuesday – 612ce vs 322ce Comparison

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Hello friends and welcome back to another exciting edition to our Taylor Tuesday blog series! Today we are doing something special as we take two of our great Taylor Guitars with a similar trait and compare them side-by-side to give you the best idea as too which might be ideal for your particular style of… Read more »

Heartbreaker Guitars – A Bogner Amp Dealer

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Alright, so here is your scenario. You just got your sweet new Model 1 from Heartbreaker (Is it the Amazon Rosewood Edition? It is? Nice choice!) but you look at whatever amp you got sitting in the corner and realize, “Hey, you know what that amp needs? A new friend for me to plug this… Read more »

Taylor Tuesday – Lindsey Buckingham (Taylor Artist)

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Hello friends and welcome back to our Taylor Tuesday Blog series, where today we will be visiting an old friend from one of our other favorite brands here at Heartbreaker Guitars. We are covering a Taylor artist who was the inspiration for one of the greatest electric guitars ever built. We are, of course, talking… Read more »

Santa Cruz Brad Paisley Signature

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Heartbreaker Guitars is Now a Santa Cruz Guitar Company Dealer! Hello friends and welcome to another Heartbreaker Guitars Blog Post! Today we are excited to do our first post about the newest brand in the Heartbreaker family. We are proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Santa Cruz Guitar Company! Richard Hoover… Read more »

Taylor Tuesday – GS Mini-e Mahogany

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Hello friends and welcome back to another addition of Heartbreaker Guitars Taylor Tuesday blog series! Today we are covering a unique little guitar that packs a big punch! The Taylor GS Mini-e Mahogany! This little guitar not only manages to cram a great sound, a unique playing experience, and Taylor’s legendary quality into a travel… Read more »

McPherson Cantilevered Fingerboards

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Hello friends and welcome to another Heartbreaker blog where today we are going to discuss a truly remarkable feat of engineering by an amazing American Luthier who is redefining the landscape of acoustic guitar design. Famous for his embracing of offset sound holes as a crucial part of his signature design, one faucet of McPherson… Read more »

Taylor Tuesday – Taylor Featured Artist Jason Mraz

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Hello friends, and welcome back to Taylor Tuesday! Today we are going to look at Taylor’s Featured Artist Jason Mraz. Taylor has many artists, but only a select few are featured artists, and Jason Mraz is one of those few. Mraz grew up in Virginia, in a town called Mechanicsville, and stayed there until he… Read more »

Heartbreaker Guitars – YouTube Channel!

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Hey friends! We here at Heartbreaker our really excited about some big changes and all sorts of exciting new things happening at Heartbreaker that will all be announced in the near future! With that in mind we want to remind all of our customers to keep an ear open and an eye on all of… Read more »

Taylor Tuesday – Taylor 814ce Deluxe

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Taylor 814ce Deluxe Hello friends and welcome to the latest installment of our Taylor Tuesday Blog Series, where we talk about all things Taylor! Today we are discussing an upgraded version of one of Taylor’s most popular guitars. We are of course, referring to the Taylor 814ce Deluxe on sale at Heartbreaker Guitars. This guitar… Read more »

Lowden Winter Limited Range!!!

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Just in with some exciting news here at Heartbreaker Guitars from one of our top luthiers, George Lowden! Lowden has recently announced their Winter Limited Range 2017. The series includes 30 guitars, of which Heartbreaker Guitars will receive two in our inventory. These are some truly special guitars from an absolutely amazing luthier. All 30 guitars… Read more »

The McPherson Tone – From a McPherson Dealer

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Hello friends! Here at Heartbreaker Guitars, we firmly believe we have one of the finest selections of acoustic and electric guitars that you will find anywhere. We stand by every instrument in our shop as being quality, and know that any player, no matter their background or what they are looking for in a guitar,… Read more »

Taylor Guitar – Taylor Tuesday – “Excalibur” 514c

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Hello friends and welcome back to Taylor Tuesday for a very special edition on a very special Taylor guitar. Today we are going to talk about a very unique Taylor that has quite the impressive history. Rob Cavello’s legendary 1996 514c that is nicknamed “Excalibur” for it’s tendency to wind up in people’s hand’s right… Read more »

Taylor Guitar – Taylor Tuesday – Taylor 414ce-R

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Taylor 414ce-R Hello friends and welcome back to Taylor Tuesday! We are really excited about today’s model, as it is not only a classic Taylor guitar model, but also one that packs a whole lot of value into a incredibly friendly price tag. The Taylor 414ce-R has all the Taylor quality and precision you have come… Read more »

Taylor Guitar – Taylor Tuesday – Phillip Phillips

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Hello friends and welcome back to Taylor Tuesday! Today we are going to cover one of Taylor Guitars’ Featured Artists! Phillip Phillips! The all time most successful winner of American Idol, winning the competition in 2012. with his Coronation song, “Home” going on to be the best selling Coronation song of all time. He has… Read more »

Koa Wood Guitars at Heartbreaker Guitars!

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Koa Wood Guitars at Heartbreaker Guitars! We are proud to announce that we now carry Koa Wood Guitars! Here at Heartbreaker Guitars we take pride in the wide variety of instruments that we carry- from various body styles, to various string types, and tone woods. So today we would like to highlight a few of… Read more »

Taylor Guitar – Taylor Tuesday – Taylor K28ce

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Taylor K28ce Hey everyone and welcome back to Taylor Tuesday! Taylor really has a knack for maximizing the potential of this wood, which brings us to today’s guitar that we are highlighting… The Taylor K28ce! Taylor makes a wide variety of great guitars with a wide variety of tone woods. And while we love all… Read more »

Heartbreaker Guitars – Huss and Dalton Dealer!

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Huss and Dalton Dealer Heartbreaker Guitars is your first stop in your search for a new Huss and Dalton to Fall in Love with! We are a top Huss and Dalton dealer, and have a great selection of Huss and Dalton Guitars and we are sure we can help you find one that fits what… Read more »

Taylor Guitar – Taylor Tuesday – Taylor 814ce Adirondack

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Taylor Tuesday! Today we are covering a really exciting Taylor Guitar in our inventory! The Taylor 814ce with an Adirondack top! This guitar is classic Taylor, but fully revamped and ready to take on the world.   In 2014, Taylor totally rethought their entire 800 series,… Read more »

Taylor Guitar – Taylor Tuesday – Taylor Announces Taylor Copafera Guitars

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Copafera For International Models Recently, Taylor guitars has announced that for some of their 200 Deluxe series International guitars they will be substituting Rosewood with African Copafera wood. This come of the back of stricter regulation by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) on the international import… Read more »

Tonal Characteristics of Guitar Woods

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How Wood Selection Defines a Guitar’s Sound The most basic component to the core sound of a guitar is the wood. Different types of wood have different resonant properties called “tonewoods,” which are critical in setting a base for a guitar’s “voice.” A guitar’s sound begins with the transfer of vibrations from its strings into… Read more »

Heartbreaker Guitars on Social Media!

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Hey friends, it’s been a busy summer here at Heartbreaker with our 4th of July Sale, our Rick Turner Giveaway, and taking in a whole lot of great new guitars for you all to enjoy. We were blown away by the response to the Rick Turner Giveaway, and we loved the interactions and happy customers… Read more »

Taylor Guitar – Taylor Tuesday – Taylor 612ce 12 Fret

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Taylor 612ce 12 Fret Hey guys, we got a great guitar here for you on this Taylor Tuesday. The Taylor 612ce 12 Fret. This guitar features innovative design and a re-voiced bracing pattern. Not only is this really amazing guitar comfortable, but it is on the cutting edge of Taylor innovation in tone and design. The… Read more »

McPherson Guitars at Heartbreaker!

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Heartbreaker – A Top McPherson Guitars Dealer Here at Heartbreaker Guitars we love selling people guitars that fill a niche need or desire. Many of our customers love unique, and well built guitars. All of our luthiers provide high-quality instruments and we firmly believe no matter what your need, you can find something to Fall… Read more »

Rick Turner Model 1 Giveaway! – The Results!

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The Contest As many of you know, several months ago Heartbreaker Guitars had a pretty big announcement. We were going to give away a Rick Turner Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham. Just like that. A $6,000 guitar. We wanted to give it away. People thought we were crazy. They said, “Who would just give away a… Read more »

Fan Fret Lowden Guitar

Fan Fret Guitars at Heartbreaker Guitars

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Fan Fret Guitars Fan Fret guitars are one of those innovations in the modern guitar world that we love here at Heartbreaker. Adding a more complex and broad tonal spectrum by giving extra strength to the low ends by extending the scale length and giving guitars more depth. It also, for some, feels more comfortable… Read more »

Taylor Tuesday – Taylor 714ce-N Nylon String

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Taylor 714ce-N It’s Taylor Tuesday and we are Falling in Love with this amazing nylon stringed Taylor model! The Taylor 714ce-N has all the classic Taylor craftsmanship and a quality, as well as nylon strings for an added twist on the standard 714 sound. The Body The body of the Talyor 714ce-N is a Grand… Read more »