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Brendan Smyth
Here at Heartbreaker Guitars we are proud to be Partners with one of the fastest growing names in the North American guitar scene. That name is Stonebridge and Furch. From the moment Roger Schmidt traveled up and down the continent with a few samples to show retailers in 2006, these incredibly well crafted guitars have impressed players at an electric pace. Here at Heartbreaker we are a licensed distributor of Stonebridge and Furch.

The Origins

  These guitars trace their roots back to 1981 in the socialist country of the Czech Republic. Frantisek Furch, a guitarist based in the Czech Republic at the time, became frustrated at the lack of quality instruments available to him, so he decided to make his own. He did so in secret until 1987 when the government restrictions eased, and his guitars became open to the public. For two and a half decades his guitars grew in popularity a crossed Europe and in Japan. Then, in 2004, a product scout and guitar enthusiast named Roger Schmidt passed Frantisek and his guitar booth at the Music Messe Trade show in Frankfurt. He fell in love with Furch guitars. He was sold on the quality and beauty of the guitars so much that he came back the year after as an independent sales representative, and he struck a deal with Furch to help them push into the North American market. So Schmidt packed up a few of Furch's guitars and headed west, with the intent of getting the Furch name into North America. He visited retailers all over the continent displaying the guitars, and everywhere he went he was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The only hangup he encountered consistently was a concern over the name, with retailers concerned about it's marketability in the North America. Schmidt responded by re branding the company for North American sales under the name Stonebridge, after the Charles Bridge in Prague.

The Impact

Since then, Stonebridge and Furch has continued to explode in Europe and North America, with artists such as Glen Hansard, Greg Wheaton, and Calum Graham, and hobbyist alike falling hard over the stunning functionality and eye-watering beauty of these guitars. A favorite among finger stylist and folk artists, Stonebridge and Furch has established a reputation for fantastic craftsmanship and heart-wrenching gorgeous tone. Other notable artists who are sold on Stonebridge and Furch are:
  • Aaron Edwards
  • Breagh Makinnon
  • Bryan Rason
  • Erik Mongrain
  • Luke Michielsen
  • Nick Hoffman

The Heartbreaker Inventory

At Heartbreaker, we currently carry 11 models of Stonebridge and Furch guitars. That includes the Stonebridge D34 TASR [embed]https://youtu.be/-wGdv-DOPD0[/embed]

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