Heartbreaker Guitars in a New Location!

Heartbreaker Guitars in a New Location!

Brendan Smyth

Hello friends! Big news! Heartbreaker Guitars has relocated from our former location to a new, bigger showroom! That means a whole lot for you, the Heartbreaker family, and what we here at the Heartbreaker team will be able to provide as far as content and experience! This move has been months in the making, as with our new brands like Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Santa Cruz Guitars, and Bogner Amps, as well as our expansion on other brands like Stonebridge and Furch, we have felt the need for more space to allow for a more comfortable expansion of our inventory. With a this new location, 2,500 square ft, we can now bring you more world class guitars and amplifiers.

Another great feature of our new location is, aside from the expanded showroom, is the "Heartbreaker Lounge", a fully functional stage and lounge in the backroom which we will be using to do as a small venue for shows, luthier lectures, and many more different presentations by industry leaders, all for the enjoyment of you, the Heartbreaker Family. This particular bonus to the new location has us all really excited for the sheer amount of possibilities we have to expand this amazing community.

The new address for the Heartbreaker Showroom is 730 W. Cheyenne AVE, #20, N. Las Vegas, NV 89030. So the next time you are in going to be in Vegas, give us a call. We are only 15 minutes of the main strip, so set up an appointment, and come in and Fall in Love with an amazing guitar at Heartbreaker Guitars!

Stay tuned for more information about scheduled events in the Heartbreaker Showroom.

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