Heartbreaker Guitars on Social Media!

Brendan Smyth
Hey friends, it's been a busy summer here at Heartbreaker with our 4th of July Sale, our Rick Turner Giveaway, and taking in a whole lot of great new guitars for you all to enjoy. We were blown away by the response to the Rick Turner Giveaway, and we loved the interactions and happy customers that got to Fall in Love through our 4th of July sale! We love helping people get great guitars, at great prices, and hope to be able to continue events like this in the future.  That is why Heartbreaker Guitars on Social Media! So how do you get involved and get the memo on when that guitar you've been eyeing on the site might go on sale? Well, the best way is through our social media accounts! We use these to help communicate to the whole Heartbreaker Community. We post daily to Facebook with pictures, videos, and news updates. So like our page Heartbreaker Guitars on Facebook and get all the updates! Like checking out all the pictures of those sweet McPherson Guitars from your favorite McPherson Dealer? Follow us on Instagram @heartbreakergtrs

Want to hear what that beautiful looking Lowden sounds like? Subscribe to our Youtube channel and you will get notifications for all of our new guitar video postings! Links to all our social Media accounts are in the links at the bottom of the page!

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