Lowden Genesis #20,000 Is Here at Heartbreaker Guitars!!!

Brendan Smyth
This is it!  The George Lowden Genesis, Serial #20,000.  This guitar took 9 months to build and was hand made by George Lowden.  George is a legendary Irish luthier who had come to notoriety through innovative design techniques as well as unmatched craftsmanship.  Respected in the fellowship of Boutique Artisan Luthiers, George Lowden has mastered the craft of guitar building.  This is Genesis.  George decided to theme this guitar based on the 6 stage biblical story of  creation.  After being in the guitar building business his whole life he has gone through many trials and challenges since he was a young man to get to where he is today.  The Genesis Guitar is a reflection of all of his history as a professional luthier from the beginning all the way to this day where he continues to pioneer new and creative building techniques.
Genesis, Serial #20,000:  All Master Grade woods including a stunning Sinker Redwood Soundboard over  African Blackwood back and sides; 38 Style Pau Abalone purfling throughout the body;  Flamed Tasmanian Blackwood Soundbox Bevel as well as body binding; Tasmanian Blackwood Special sound hole decorative with "staggered" abalone circular design;  Wooden "Genesis" inlay at the back of the peghhead over an ebony backstop overlay;  Flamed Tasmanian Blackwood 5 layer neck;  Abalone George Lowden Leaf Inlays... And, saving the best for last:  Famed Inlay Artist, Larry Robinson has created a breathtaking inlay on the back of the guitar with materials including gold, silver, and copper depicting the stages of Genesis.  Now, for the tone...  It's pretty well known that George's favorite wood combination is Sinker Redwood over African Blackwood so this is what he chose.  However George's painstaking process of pairing the perfect wood sets was a long and arduous process.  Knowing that this guitar was an heirloom milestone guitar for him, he wanted the tone to be as beautiful as the look.  He found it.  The guitar sings with enduring sustain and clarity that only a Lowden guitar could deliver.   This guitar comes in a $1200 carbon fiber custom case and also includes a beautiful book of the story of the build from beginning to end.  As gorgeous as this guitar is however, George insists, "This is meant to be played" so we suspect the owner of this guitar will be overwhelmed with tonal joy for a lifetime.  This guitar is only shipping in the United States and will be hand delivered.  Please call for more details and thank you for visiting Heartbreaker Guitars.
Lowden-Genesis-45-Edit2 Lowden-Genesis-70-Edit1 Lowden-Genesis-72-Edit4 Lowden-Genesis-80-Edit1 Lowden-Genesis-89-Edit1 Lowden-Genesis-127-Edit1 Lowden-Genesis-147 Lowden-Genesis-Edit1
Nut Width: 1 3/4"
String Spacing : 2.2" at the bridge
Made In: Downpatrick, Ireland
Scale Length: 25.5"
Top Wood - Master Grade Sinker Redwood
Back and Sides -
Master Grade African Blackwood
Neck Wood -
5 Layer Tasmanian Blackwood
Fingerboard -
Ebony with GL Leaf Inlays
Heartbreaker Take -
A Masterpiece!

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