Lowden Richard Thompson Signature Guitar

Lowden Richard Thompson Signature Guitar

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Hello and welcome back to another Heartbreaker Guitars Blog, where we talk about the guitars we sell, the people who build them, and the artist's who play them. We help you Fall in Love with our guitars by building understanding of them in the world on every level. We sell many amazing brands from incredible luthiers here at Heartbreaker Guitars, but we our especially proud of selling Lowden Guitars, including one of our newest models, the Lowden Richard Thompson Signature Model!

More on Richard Thompson

The RT Signature from George Lowden is an incredible instrument, built with precision and with designated input from one of the finest guitarist in the world. Richard Thompson was born in 1949 on the third on April and started making music professionally in 1969. He was awarded the Orville H Gibson Award for Best Acoustic Guitar Player in 1991. He has also been given multiple other major awards for contibutions to music and song writing. 

Richard Thompson and Lowden Guitars

George has spoken in the past on how he will only consider a signature model for someone who has been playing Lowden for a long time. Well, while gaining his widespread acclaim for his six-string chops, Richard Thompson has consistanly chosen guitars from Lowden to draw out his world renowed sound.

Lowden Richard Thompson Signature - Lowden Guitars - Heartbreaker GuitarsLowden Richard Thompson Signature - Lowden Guitars - Heartbreaker Guitars

Thompson choose his wood combination of AAAA Cedar top and Zirocote back and sides. The neck is five layers consisting of Mahogany, Rosewood and Walnut. The binding on the guitar is Tasmanian Black wood. 

The Richard Thompson Signature is an incredibly responsive guitar, with well projected, resonate tone. 

Get Yours Today!

We of course, as your favorite Lowden Dealer, have a Richard Thompson signature for sale. You can buy your's today by clicking the link here! If you want to see all of our Lowden Guitars for sale, click the link here!


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