Lowden Serial #20,000 Genesis Guitar on Sale at Heartbreaker Guitars

Brendan Smyth
[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcALtkQdbpI[/embed] That's right, the one of a kind Lowden Genesis Guitar, #20000 is on sale now at Heartbreaker Guitars!  This guitar is the most beautiful guitar George Lowden has ever built.  Designed from the ground up by George himself this stunning masterpiece commemorates his 20,000th guitar.  Inlay work done by world famous, Larry Robinson.  Master Grade Sinker Redwood over Master African Blackwood with Tasmanian Blackwood binding as well as a Tasmanian Blackwood sound box bevel.  Abalone 38 style body binding.  George paired the woods and designed the guitar to signify the story of Genesis which is depicted in the inlay on the back and does so in a series of 6 stages of Genesis.  The guitar is so tastefully done, as only George could do it.  You have never seen an inlay like this before.  Larry Robinson used Gold, Silver and Copper in this creation.  And as beautiful as it is, at the end of the day it's still all about tone.  George made the best guitar he could make and this one delivers the goods.  Call for all details on this masterpiece guitar.  Here is a Guitar Aficionado Review of the guitar.   8B86A75F-ADC9-497C-8944-9F63F6962D13

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