LR Baggs Reverb Align

LR Baggs Reverb Align

Chase Portifly

Hello everyone and welcome to another Heartbreaker Guitars blog post where we will be discussing a really cool new product here at Heartbreaker Guitars. For a long time, we have been considering effect pedals as a potential product for us to carry, and, after doing quite a bit of homework, we have decided to partner with LR Baggs for our first line of pedals to carry. We believe their quality and tone perfectly compliment the guitars that we carry, and that their commitment to craftsmanship really fits the spirit we like to foster here at Heartbreaker. 

LR Baggs Equalizer Align Series - LR Baggs - Heartbreaker Guitars


 To kick things off, we have decided to start off with absolutely stunning depth and haunting beauty of the LR Baggs Reverb Align. This is a beautiful pedal, with an analog EQ to emphasize the natural voice and dynamic of an acoustic guitar. The guitar also integrates wet and dry signals. It's creates a really naturally beautiful, warm, and responsive reverb that adds a lot of depth and sustain to your tone. 

 The guitar features four control knobs:

  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Decay
  • Reverb

It also features a wood design for the housing of the pedal, which is aesthetically really pleasing on the eye. The whole thing looks very clean cut, with a low foot print that will help you present to anyone who may be watching!

  • LR Baggs Equalizer Align Series - LR Baggs - Heartbreaker Guitars

So pick yours up today, click the link here! Or, shop out whole selection of LR Baggs pedals, click here!

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