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McPherson Carbon Fiber Sable Guitar

by Daniel Odle July 07, 2019 3 min read

Hello everyone and welcome to another Heartbreaker Guitar blog post! Today we are discussing another absolute beauty of a guitar that is also incredibly unique and innovative, which is the standard we have come to expect from McPherson Guitars. This companies has burst onto the scene with a reputation for fierce originality and a commitment to ingenious engineering. Their wood acoustic guitars are known for having some of the warmest, most balanced tone in the guitar world, with the full spectrum of EQ at the players fingertips. 

But McPherson has another line of guitars. The Carbon Fiber Series still possesses much of the qualities that have made their wood guitars famous, while packing a whole lot of other benefits besides. Others have tried the carbon fiber route with limited success, but McPherson's line has been a smashing hit! 

The Sable is the larger over the Touring model, and packs the full punch off McPherson tone. Forget everything you thought you knew about Carbon Fiber or "plastic" guitars. These things sound amazing and are basically tanks. The fragility of a wood guitar is a distant memory. 

Sable Specs

McPherson Sable Honeycomb Finish Gold Hardware - McPherson Guitars - Heartbreaker GuitarsMcPherson Carbon Fiber Sable with upgraded Honeycomb Top - McPherson Guitars - Heartbreaker GuitarsMcPherson Carbon Fiber Sable with upgraded Honeycomb Top - McPherson Guitars - Heartbreaker Guitars

McPherson Carbon Fiber Sable with upgraded Honeycomb Top - McPherson Guitars - Heartbreaker GuitarsMcPherson Sable Honeycomb Finish Gold Hardware - McPherson Guitars - Heartbreaker Guitars

  • 5.4 Pounds
  • 25 1/2” Scale
  • 41 3/4” Overall length
  • 10 3/4” Width at upper bout
  • 9.5” Width at waist
  • 15” Width at lower bout
  • 4″ Body depth
  • 14 Frets to the body
  • 20 Frets overall
  • 1 3/4” Nut width
  • 2 3/16” String spacing at bridge

Lets break down some of these specs. This is essentially a full-sized McPherson guitar that has a body built to optimize tone with a really friendly string spacing for ease of playing. The 14 frets to the body is more reminiscent of like an OM rather than a Dreadnought. 

Now, one thing that really jumps out is the weight. This guitar weighs FIVE AND A HALF POUNDS! The average weight of an acoustic guitar can go up to 11 pounds, so this guitar is half the average weight, making it extremely comfortable to play for long periods, and easy to travel with. 

Sable Features

  • Offset soundhole
  • Cantilevered neck
  • Soft V-necked profile
  • Patented compensated Tusq® nut and saddle
  • Enclosed hipshot tuners
  • Nickel fret wire
  • Elixir Nanoweb Medium gauge strings included, though guitar can be used with other string types
  • L.R. Baggs 9 Volt Element with Volume and Tone Control (Custom EQ’d for McPherson Carbon Guitars)
  • Non-adjustable Truss Rod (adjustment is not needed because carbon fiber does not move like wood does)

Now, there are a couple of key points here. One, and this is something that is unique and incredibly practical and useful. McPherson realized that because the Carbon Fiber doesn't slowly bend and move like wood, that there would never be any need to adjust the truss rod. However, they also realized that some people might simply want a different action of the guitar. So they give saddles with different heights that you can easily interchange at the bridge, making action adjustment a simple procedure. It is explained at the end of this video here from NAMM! 

This Guitar also features the signature McPherson Offset Soundhole and Cantilevered neck, as well as a nice electronics set up for live gigging in the L.R. Baggs Element that is custom EQ'd for McPherson Guitars. It also has pretty sweet enclosed Hipshot Tuners available in the Gold hardware edition as well. 

This guitar is also:

  • Waterproof
  • Heatproof
  • Humidity proof
  • Lightweight

The Reaction

American Songwriter said of the Sable in it's review, "While I love wood guitars and guitar building technology, for me, the sound of carbon fiber has won a seat at the table. These guitars sound very good and the difference in tone between wood and carbon fiber is one that is now a personal choice." and , "McPherson clearly had professional musicians in mind with Sable"

Get Yours Today

Heartbreaker Guitars is a top McPherson Dealer! We have been carrying their guitars for awhile now, and find that where a McPherson is concerned, it is really easy to Fall in Love. The McPherson Carbon Fiber Sable Guitar is no exception, because you will be in love the first time you pick one up. So pick one up today by clicking the link here

More From Heartbreaker

As a Top McPherson Dealer, we have a wide selection of their guitars, including the 1776 McPherson Collectible. To browse the entire selection, click the link here! We also have the Carbon Fiber Touring Model on sale! For more information, click the link here

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