McPherson Guitars are Here at Heartbreaker Guitars!

Brendan Smyth
The wait is over!  McPherson Guitars have finally arrived at Heartbreaker Guitars and they are simply stunning!  McPherson Guitars of some of the finest guitar in the world and Matt McPherson is world renowned for his incredible skill as a highly regarded luthier.  We have a selection of 5 very custom guitars that just arrived this month February, 2016.  We are thrilled to have this line of instruments to add to our vast collection of fine instruments.  Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.  Heartbreaker Guitars is an official authorized dealer for McPherson GuitarsDSC03513 DSC03507 DSC03491a DSC03486 DSC03458 DSC03387 DSC03429a DSC03437 DSC03363a DSC03335a DSC03242 DSC03290 DSC03433

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