More Relish Guitars in Stock! Relish Janes and Marys Have Arrived!!

Brendan Smyth
Folks these Relish Guitar are flying off the shelves!  Relish Guitars Switzerland are revolutionary, precision designed guitars for both players and collectors alike!  After rave reviews all across the world, more and more musicians and guitar enthusiasts are discovering the master craftsmanship of the Relish Brothers!  Relish Guitars at Heartbreaker represent currently the biggest selection in the world!  We also have the all new Aluminum Mary guitars which just got released!  Check out this Guitar Review from Guitar World profiling the Relish Jane Model.  We currently have 4 Relish Janes and 5 Relish Marys with more on the way!   Call now for all details on the Relish Revolution!! DSC02533 DSC02571 DSC02602

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