Relish Guitars on Sale at Heartbreaker Guitars | Huge Selection of Janes and Marys

Brendan Smyth
Relish Guitars on Sale at Heartbreaker Guitars Relish Guitars on Sale at Heartbreaker Guitars now folks!  Heartbreaker Guitars has a huge selection of Marys, Janes, and all the new models, including the Marine Mary, the Classy Jane, the Rocky Mary, and the Flamed Jane with Piezo.  Our Relish Inventory is huge, with 15 guitar in stock at this time!  The Relish Brothers came to the forefront of the Boutique Guitar world 6 years ago with the unveiling of the Relish Jane Model.  With a completely innovative and pioneering design the Jane took the guitar world by storm:  A hollow bodied guitar with an aluminum core creating a sustaining, resonant electric tone nobody had ever experienced before.  The results were amazing!  The Jane was soon in the hands of rock stars and touring musicians all across the world.  Currently we have all models available.  Hand made in Lucerne, Switzerland the Relish Brothers build about 350 guitar a year.  With this relatively small output of custom instruments its much easier to pay attention to detail.  And this they do!  When you get one of these instruments in your hands you can instantly feel a connection with it as they exude excellence in every way.  The neck is hefty, yet comfortable.  The sustainable Bamboo fingerboard feels as comfortable as any Ebony or Rosewood you've ever played.  The Bamboo creates a smoothness which can only be described as seamless.  It plays fast and effortlessly.  Emerson Electronics and Gotoh 510 tuners polish off these amazing guitars and of you go!

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