Renaissance "Deuce-50" by Rick Turner - Just 1 left in stock!!

Brendan Smyth
Rick Turner has been a pro luthier for an astounding 50 years! We colaborated with Rick to come up with a very special limited edition Model 1 instrument (The RT -50) to commemorate this incredible milestone in his career. Long story short, the guitars sold almost immediately with most being purchased before completion date. This brings us to the "Deuce-50". It was Rick's idea to come up with perfect addition to the RT-50... A sister guitar! The Renaissance Guitar (Amplicoustic) is a light weight, custom acoustic electric guitar that is one of the finest amplfied acoutics on the market. Pristine highs, shimmering mids, and meaty lows with no unwanted stage feedback and more headroom than you've ever gotten in a traditional acoustic guitar! Ok, so what is the Deuce 50? A Renaissance guitar with an additional "Stagmag" Humbucking pick up with blending electronics! The woods: Hand selected Amazon Rosewood tops and backs with a Honduran Mahogany sides. Fully bound in white ivoroid binding this guitar will be stunning! Ebony fingerboard, gold hardware, ivoroid "back plate", special 12th fret designation "Deuce-50". Signed in gold by Mr Turner himself.

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Retail price as upgraded = $4900.00 Exclusive Heartbreaker Guitars Price = $4395.00

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