Taylor Guitar - "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now"

Brendan Smyth
The Taylor 800 series, part of the Taylor Guitar staple series, has had a makeover changing from their old style in 2014. One of the biggest changes was in the bracing pattern, going from X-bracing to the Advanced Performance pattern. The change balanced out the tone a lot and helped balance out the EQ. The recently revamped Taylor 800 Series has the additional premium detail of Adirondack spruce bracing, customized for each body shape to optimize their innate strengths, and Gotoh 510 tuners with 21:1 gear ratios. Before, the Taylor guitars had an 18:1 ratio, this upgrade gives this model more precision with finer tuning control. Both the Academy Series and 800 Deluxe 800 models also feature a bass side beveled, built-in armrest, similar to Taylor’s top-of-the-line 900 Series. And the rosewood/spruce combination of the 800 Deluxe Series is like the offspring of the 800 and 900 Series combined, yet with a personality and style all of its own. The overall result? This new model provides a blend of warmth, rich tone, midrange, and sustain with the playing comfort and aesthetic refinement to bring out the best from anyone who plays one of these instruments.  The best-selling Taylor guitar model right now is the Taylor Deluxe-edition 814ce. This Deluxe edition’s main attraction comes from its “impressive musical versatility, along with recent internal voicing upgrades that boost the warmth and produce a richer low-end response.” This guitar is classic Taylor, but a fully revamped and reimagined version of one of their flagship models. Its uniquely balanced tone can truly overcome any sort of need. If you can only choose one, this is the guitar to nab as it covers all your bases and allows you to fill just about any role. If you’re a regular gigging guitar player and need a instrument that will be the only one you have to lug around, it is hard to go wrong with the Taylor Deluxe 814ce. It’s so complex, yet balanced that it’s capable of filling any role and fitting any style. Check it out here and/or find out more about the newly remodeled Taylor 800 Series from the Taylor Guitars booth at NAMM 2017. Or listen to the precision for yourself here where Doug Young plays this new upgraded Taylor 800.

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