Taylor K28ce with Florentine Cutaway

Brendan Smyth
This gorgeous Taylor Koa K28ce Taylor on sale now at Heartbreaker Guitars. This guitar has the bold yet balanced voice of its Grand Orchestra body with a unique warmth yet still retaining a beautiful high end sparkle. The Koa top helps to control the attack compared to a spruce top, the notes will roll in a little more gently but still have a tremendous amount of sustain.  Like any acoustic guitar, the more this beautiful Koa Taylor is played, the more it will open up over time, which makes this guitar even sweeter and more responsive. The Taylor K28 ce with Florentine cutaway can handle any style of playing, especially when you need to access to the higher parts of the neck, which is as easy as an island breeze. The Grand Orchestra body is the newest shape in the Taylor family with the most powerful and complex voice. The Grand Orchestra has a larger footprint and a deeper body allowing it produce a powerful low end. A new bracing system developed to optimize of the movement of the soundboard allowing a very lively and responsive attack. This allows for incredible sustain and a balanced tone that is difficult for most large body guitars to produce yet is extremely responsive to the delicate touch of a finger style player. Taylor K28ce 

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