Taylor Tuesday - Expression System

Taylor Tuesday - Expression System

Chase Portifly

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of our Taylor Tuesday Blog Series where we dissect Taylor Brand Acoustic Guitars to a whole new level, looking at every aspect and feature of the guitars, and identifying the artist's who play them to help you best dial in the Taylor tone you are looking for. Luckily you know no matter which Taylor you get, you will be getting the legendary Taylor Quality! Since the founding of the company, Taylor has been at the forefront of quality and innovation in the acoustic guitar world. It is one of those innovations that we are discussing to day.

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Introducing: The Taylor Expression System

The Taylor Expression System was Taylor's original in-house designed onboard electronics system, which they designed alongside most of their guitars, allowing for a seamless assimilation into the design of each guitar. The system replicates the function of a microphone to fully capture the essence of a guitar's sound. 


The result is an incredible warm and diverse output of a guitar's character. It eliminates a lot of the coldness that commonly exists in onboad pickup systems on acoustic guitars without the use of offboard effects pedals or pre-amps. You can pretty much just plug and play straight into any sound system and it comes out great! 

The Response

Within the music world, the Taylor Expression System is well renowned for its ease of use and ability to brighten up a mix. Professional players, guitar techs, and sound engineer a crossed the spectrum within the musical proffesional world. Don't believe us? Just listen to them talk about it:

 We love all our Taylor's with the Expression System Guitars. They always sound great and are really easy to mix into a sound board. We love ours and we want tp help you Fall in Love with yours today!

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