Taylor Tuesday - Taylor 414ce-R

Taylor Tuesday - Taylor 414ce-R

Chase Portifly

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Taylor Tuesday Blog post where we get to discuss the fantastic Taylor Guitars that we will help you "Fall in Love" with! From the people that play Taylors, to the ones who make them, and often the guitars themselves, we really believe that Taylor makes some of the best instruments on the planet. That is why when we get guitars like the one we are talking about today, we get really excited to tell you about them. The guitar we are discussing today is the:

Taylor 414ce-R

Taylor 414ce-R - Taylor Guitars - Heartbreaker GuitarsTaylor 414ce-R - Taylor Guitars - Heartbreaker Guitars

The Taylor 414ce-R is the sort of guitar that you can Fall in Love with without even trying. It brings playing the six-string back to it's roots. It's simple, smooth, and impossible not to love. The body is comfortable, the neck is sleek and feels good in your hands, and the fretboard is smooth. The only way to phrase it is this is a great guitar. You'll never want to put it down and you don't have to break the bank to get it. 

Taylor 414ce-R - Taylor Guitars - Heartbreaker GuitarsTaylor 414ce-R - Taylor Guitars - Heartbreaker Guitars

This guitar not only feels good, but it also sounds amazing. With it's Indian Rosewood back and sides, the Sitka Spruce top, along with the Grand Auditorium style body, this guitar has just the right twinkle in the highs, the body in the lows, and the growl in the mids to tackle any sort of music. The versatility the 414ce-R demonstrates is the same versatility that has made Taylor legendary!  Don't believe us? Give this guitar a listen! 

 Not only is this obviously a fantastic instrument, but it's also not going to hurt your wallet. This guitar comes in at just $2,399.00 and is an absolute steal at that price! 

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