Taylor Tuesday - Taylor 814ce Adirondack

Brendan Smyth
Hello friends and welcome to the latest installment of our Taylor Tuesday Blog Series, where we talk about all things Taylor! Today we are discussing an upgraded version of one of Taylor's most popular guitars. We are of course, referring to the Taylor 814ce Adirondack on sale at Heartbreaker Guitars. This guitar is the classic 814ce featuring a gorgeous Adirondack top. This incarnation of the 814ce also features Indian Rosewood back and sides. The tone is really well balanced, with a strong mid presence and lows and highs that blend together really well to compliment the strong mids. Since Taylor recently re-voiced the 800 series, this guitar in particular has benefited greatly, as it as really loosened up the lows to balance out the tone, meaning this guitar is one that isn't out of place in any style or mix. This guitar is great for sitting in the studio to have as that guitar that can cover it all, or to carry to a gig with a diverse setlist, where you don't want to be changing guitars every song, as there really isn't any animal this 814ce is capable of tackling. The guitar also features a Mahogany neck with Taylor's new Element fretboard inlay set with mother-of-pearl in the Ebony fretboard. The Ebony bridge and Venetian cutaway's offer the perfect example of the practical features of this guitars transferring into pleasing aesthetic aspects. In general this guitar exemplifies Taylor's ethos, making a players guitar that also looks great, while being incredibly diverse and practical.

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