Taylor Tuesday - Taylor Artist Rise Against

Taylor Tuesday - Taylor Artist Rise Against

Brendan Smyth
Hello friends and welcome back to our Taylor Tuesday blog series! Today we are covering another Taylor Artist, who have spent almost two decades bringing a unique style to the music world. The Taylor Artist Rise Against, is a heavy rock band, and for their acoustic guitar needs they tend to like to turn to the excellent work of Taylor Guitar Co. Image result for Rise against

A Little Background...

Rise Against was formed from the ashes of the semi-successful, Chicago-based punk band, 88 Finger Louie. When the band broke up for the second time in 1999, bassist Joe Principe and guitarist Dan Wleklinski decided to form a new band and began adding pieces. They added drummer Toni Tintari, guitarist Kevin White, and lead vocalist Tim McIlrath. McIlrath was already playing in a band called Baxter, but decided to join the new project after listening to a 7 song demo recorded by Principe and Wleklinski. The early going was rough as MIlrath style of singing was too slow for the rest of the band, but eventually they managed to iron it out and record a self-publish the self-titled EP Transistor Revolt. The EP found its way into the hands of lead singer of NOFX Fat Mike, who was the co-founder of the independent record label, Fat Mike Records. He offered them a deal under the condition that they change their name from Transistor Revolt. After some  discussion they settled on Rise Against. Thus, the band was born. Image result for transistor revolt Rise Against is known for their gritty, acoustic driven ballads like Swing Life Away, combined with heavier tones, all backing their unapologetic-ally political and controversial lyrics delivered by McIlrath's powerful vocals.

Rise Against and Taylor Guitars

For the acoustic tones on their acoustic tracks, Rise Against, consistently turns to a trusty 814ce, with Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides, much like the one for sale at Heartbreaker Guitars pictured below!


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