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Taylor Tuesday – Phillip Phillips

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Hello friends and welcome back to Taylor Tuesday! Today we are going to cover one of Taylor’s Featured Artists! Phillip Phillips! The all time most successful winner of American Idol, winning the competition in 2012. with his Coronation song, “Home” going on to be the best selling Coronation song of all time. He has gone… Read more »

Brad Paisley

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Brad will be on tour all year long and no doubt you’ll see him with a Larrivee in his arsenal. Brad on Larrivee: “In my opinion, Larrivee is probably the best overall guitar being made right now.”

John Mayer

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Watch out for John’s new album, “Born and Raised.” We hope he’ll once again be putting that Turner Model 1 of his to use. You saw it on his last tour for a couple of songs on the set list. Stay tuned!

Fleetwood Mac

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Yes the Mac are going on tour this year! Look for Lindsey Buckingham to be using an arsenal of Rick Turner Gear including Model 1’s and Rens!!!