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Furch Guitars are some of the finest acoustic instruments on the planet! Hand made in the Czech Republic by some of the most accomplished luthiers in Europe, Stonebridge/Furch Guitars deliver an incredibly clear, balanced, and full bodied tone that you will only find in a superior acoustic guitar. Heartbreaker Guitars has been a top Furch dealer for the past 9 years. With an array of inventory for all playing styles and preferences, Heartbreaker currently has an ample supply of Furch guitars unmatched by any other dealer. We firmly believe these guitars are among the finest boutique acoustic guitars available. Please call us with any questions or comments you have about these fine guitars. Heartbreaker Guitars is an authorized dealer for both Stonebridge and Furch Guitars. Look forward to hearing from you! “Fall in Love” at Heartbreaker Guitars Las Vegas.


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