Taylor Guitars
Heartbreaker Guitars is proud to be a top Taylor Guitars dealer.  Taylor Guitars are precision guitars crafted by hand and built by the incredible team assembled by Mr. Robert Taylor.  Bob Taylor has been building guitars since he was a teenager and he understands the wants an needs of a musician.   It’s hard to overstate the quality behind Taylor Guitars.  They have rapidly grown in popularity over the last 15 years, and are now considered one of the finest brands in the world.  Based in El Cajon, California the Taylor team builds some of the finest guitars in the world.  Bob Taylor has built a fine company.  Not only does he produce high-quality instruments, but he is also a very respected business man with a reputation for treating his people very well.  In this fast paced world “high output” products, Bob crew still puts a lot of “heart and soul” into these fine guitars.  The quality is there to see.  Come into Heartbreaker Guitars to have a look at our Taylor inventory.  Heartbreaker Guitars is an authorized dealer of Taylor Guitars.