NAMM 2018 Recap!

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Big NAMM 2018 for Heartbreaker Guitars!

Well everyone, the whole Heartbreaker crew made it home safe and sound from NAMM 2018 in Anaheim. We had a whole lot of fun and got to see incredible gear from all over the world, as well as speak to industry leaders and some of our favorite guitar makers! At night we had some sweet jam sessions in the Heartbreaker HQ, and we brought home a few goodies, including some amazing guitars, and put in some orders for some others!

Talking With Our Luthiers…

NAMM is a great time because all of our top builders of guitars are in one place. We get to ask them about some of their favorite builds over the course of a year. Often we get to catch them with something exciting, like George Lowden with the GL-10 this year, or the Albert Lee Signature from Huss and Dalton, or the Relish’s new releases for 2018. A whole lot of exciting things, and we really are excited we got to catch a lot of it on camera to share with all of you guys back home!

One of the guys we got to talk to was Dana Bourgeois, who had a whole line of really amazing guitars too show us for NAMM!

We go to swing by the Relish booth for one of our favorite interviews!

Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz Guitars has spent a little time talking to us, and he brought some absolute stunners with him for NAMM 2018!

The McPherson Carbon Fiber series with the honeycomb tops were an absolute favorite among the Heartbreaker crew!

We talked to Jeff Huss of Huss and Dalton Guitars and got a surprise visit from a one Mr. Albert Lee, who agreed to play a little guitar for us!


George Lowden was an incredibly busy guy at NAMM 2018 showing off the Lowden GL-10’s, but he also brought plenty of amazing Lowden acoustics with him that show off the absolutely amazing quality of Lowden Guitars.

Rick Turner is one of the original builders for Heartbreaker, and we always enjoy a great conversation with an amazingly kind person who builds some awesome guitars!

It Takes a Village to Build a Guitar…

While it is really amazing to get to talk to the masterminds behind these amazing guitar companies, we at Heartbreaker recognize and appreciate the crew around those minds who make it possible for these companies to flourish. From guys in the shop to people in the office, to the families around them, they are all important pieces.

The Guys in the Shop:

Speaking of amazing guitars and the guys who help build them, David from Lowden Guitars is not just a really great guitar builder, but he is also a very kind and friendly guy! He took some time to talk to us about the GL-10’s!

Joe Lattermore is a true student of the art of guitar building! He really understands the process in and out and lives to be making guitars in the Rick Turner Shop!

Some of the Crew…

There are a whole lot of moving parts at the NAMM show and in the guitar business and every set of hands helps to keep the ball rolling and tackle the unique challenges of the business.

Family Matters…

For many guitar builders, legacy matters. Most of these guys put their own last names on the head of their guitars, so family is important.

One story that we found really cool at NAMM 2018 is that during the making of the GL-10, Jonny Lowden worked hand-in-hand with his dad George in the development of the GL-10, doing most of the research to determine things like the electronics and the pickups used. Here he is talking about the new GL-10 and the reactions at the show!

Some of the Traffic…

One thing that we really love about NAMM is bumping into people that have the same passion as us for music and guitars, and sometimes people who help others grow in their love for guitars. One of those people, David Taub, helps people by offering free online lessons on YouTube, and our own owner, operator, and founder Brendan Smyth is big fan of his! We caught him right as we walked in the show on the first day and we really loved talking to him!

We also got to talk to a few of the guys over at the L.R. Baggs booth. They have recently released a new line of pedals specifically designed for the acoustic player. Sam, a member of the Heartbreaker crew, got to ask these guys a few question from one of the guys who helped design them!

A Few Snapshots from Anaheim…

While of course we love grabbing videos for you guys to help show you what it is like to be at NAMM, we also take lots of pictures to help grab some of the highlights.

Here is a snapshot of the whole crew about to leave for the first day at the show from our hotel.

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Below here is a picture of us outside the convention center!

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We made sure to swing by the Marshall booth and grab a picture in front of the awesome wall of Marshall amps!

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Some of the GL-10’s, the talk of the whole show!

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and guitarImage may contain: one or more people and people sittingImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting and guitar

NAMM 2018 was ready for the Super Bowl!!!

Image may contain: guitar


And of course, at the end of the show, JP, Brendan, and the Shaggy himself all made sure to grab a few new Model ones from Rick Turner for you guys to Fall in Love with!

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standingImage may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

All Good Things Must Pass…

So I guess to summarize, we had a pretty jammed packed weekend. We jammed, ate great food, saw some old friends, made some new ones, and most importantly got to Fall in Love with some AMAZING guitars! We are really grateful we go to go and really happy we got to bring back some goodies for you guys to enjoy. So until next year, this is Heartbreaker Guitars signing off from NAMM 2018!

By Chase Porfily

Digital Marketing Manager