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Total Cost: $15,875.00. This guitar is the #2 of the Last Mammoth Series of 2 guitars. This one differs in that it has snow flake inlay and Abalone Back strip. Brazilian Set # 10-14-33. $6000 represents a down payment for guitar. The balance is due upon completion of guitar. Dana Bourgeois has long been a proponent of the ivory bridge, a frequent feature on many of the earliest American guitars produced. In addition to the stunning appearance, it s density also makes for superb tone. Legal Fossil Mammoth Ivory, taken from the tusks of those monstrous animals that walked the earth 10,000 years ago, has become harder and harder to obtain. Bourgeois Super Custom, "The Last Mammoth #1" on sale now at Heartbreaker Guitars! The Last Mammoth refers to the last 2 Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Bridges that will be available from Dana Bourgeois. We have this one, and one more coming in February and that will be it... no longer available! This guitar was personally guided through production by Dana Bourgeois himself. He selected the woods and appointments for this "Uber" guitar. Ok, lets get started with the woods: Master Grade, Premium Brazilian Rosewood back and sides; Aged Adirondack Soundboard sporting Pau Abalone Pufling and Flamed Koa Binding; Abalone Rosette; Multi color Herringbone Backstrip; Brazilian Rosewood Head Veneer; Flamed Koa Peghead binding; Stunning Tree of Life Fretboard Inlay; Flamed Koa Fingerboard Binding; Aged Tone Adi Bracing; Hide Glue; Boxed Brazilian Rosewood Butt Wedge; Bone Pins; Snow Flake Bridge inlay; "The Last Mammoth #1" Custom Label. Nut width: 1 23/32" and Spacing 2.2". A bit more about the bridge: About Fossilized Mammoth Ivory: "This is ivory from the ancient wooly mammoth that roamed the earth as an ancient elephant like creature in ages past. While it has been labeled as "fossil ivory" this is a misnomer as the material has not been turned to stone but rather has become highly mineralized from being trapped amidst ice and frozen tundra for tens of thousands of years." Call for all details!!