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Just arrived! An absolute George Lowden classic. The Lowden F35 Bear Claw Sitka over Madagascar Rosewood is here at Heartbreaker Guitars . At Lowden Guitars they take guitar building seriously. This F35 is the workhorse of the Lowden line up. The F35 can do it all. You want Blues? It does it. You want Country? It does it. You want Blue Grass... you get the picture. Start with a gorgeous Bear Claw Sitka Spruce soundboard over a figured Indian Rosewood back and sides and you get a winning wood combination. Bright and articulate, yet bold and powerful. The highs on this Lowden F35 Bear Claw are pristine and clear, while the Lows are bold yet pronounced. Theres no muddying up the tone when playing even the most complex chords. This F35 can handle it. Give us a call at Heartbreaker Guitars for more details.