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Lowden O22 Cedar Mahogany

Just arrived! The George Lowden O22 Original Series with California Cedar over Mahogany. The O Series, which is based on the "original" series George built back in the 70's is a Jumbo sized guitar with a big bold, yet articulate tone. The California Cedar really provides a big, loud, projected tone that is hard to miss in any mix. This guitar isn't lacking in subtlety, with the individual notes ringing clear for all the finger-picking players out there to bask in. The lows really vibrate and reverberate, with the highs really sparkling. The mids are really subtle and unimposing. The O22 Cedar Mahogany is a special treat for any fingerstyle guitar player. LOWDEN GUITARS are some of the finest made acoustic guitars in the world. George has been building his instruments since the early 70’s. He has built up a client roster of both professionals and acoustic enthusiasts alike. Call HBG for more details on this incredible instrument!

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