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Now in stock!  The hardly played, pre-owned Lowden Pierre Bensusan Signature Guitar has just arrived at Heartbreaker Guitars.  This is the third one we got in stock with more coming in soon.  The PB is the best selling Lowden Signature guitar for a reason:  Clean, pristine trebles with rich, warm low end.  Pierre Bensusan is a Master Guitar Player and can play any guitar he wants.  He chose Lowden as it fits his style so well. This guitar was a feature at the Lowden booth in 2017.  Call HBG for all details on this incredible guitar!

LOWDEN GUITARS are some of the finest made acoustic guitars in the world. George has been building his instruments since the early 70’s. He has built up a client roster of both professionals and acoustic enthusiasts alike. Call HBG for more details on this incredible instrument!