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The all new Lowden S35M Fiddleback made with 100% Honduran "Fiddleback" Mahogany. Light weight and very articulate, this guitar is awesome for both blues and bluegrass! This is a brand new edition for George Lowden and it was a hit at the NAMM Show in Anaheim this year. Heartbreaker Guitars is one of the first dealers to get our hands on this baby. Bound fingerboard and back seam center inlay; Multi layered wood binding and purfling, Abalone sound hole rosette; Gotoh 510 series tuners with ebony buttons. Get all details at Heartbreaker Guitars! Heartbreaker is the #1 George Lowden Dealer in the world! For more information on this Lowden S35M and other George Lowden Inventory just give us a call or email us!
George Lowden on the Fiddleback Mahogany:

What George says:

"Over the years when I was asked to make a guitar with a hardwood soundboard I was always wary - simply because of the stiffness and density of most hardwoods. Would the hardwood soundboards vibrate freely - would they give a warm response? In general I shied away from using them in the past. Then came along this fiddleback mahogany which seemed to have quite a mild easy grain structure. What has surprised me is just how warm and responsive this particular type of central American mahogany is. There is none of the hardness you might expect and of course because of that, the voicing of the internal struts is easier as well. Beautiful looking and beautifully responsive!"