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Lowden Thomas Leeb Signature Guitar

The Lowden Thomas Leeb has just arrived at Heartbreaker Guitars. This guitar is such an incredible value! Master Guitar Player, Thomas Leeb is renound for his visionary music and style. This guitar brings out everything you put into it! Thomas plays a very percussive style of music with tapping and harmonics and really gets the full expression out of the guitar. The "tap plate" is super cool, even if you don't use it! Please call us for all details on this incredible guitar! "Fall in Love" at Heartbreaker Guitars! This guitar has a Solid Sitka Spruce top with beautiful Figured Walnut back and sides. It also features a wood percussion or "scratch" plate on the cutaway curve of the soundboard. With Gotoh 510 tuners and a Rosewood bridge, this guitar is built to be played and designed with function in mind, but still comes out looking gorgeous! SN#21294

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