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Unveiled at the 2019 NAMM Show, the Platinum Clouds Relish Guitar is now here at Heartbreaker Guitars!  With actual silver and platinum in the Italian, hand finished body, this guitar is a true piece of art.

The guitar, from our 2019 Platinum Limited Series, features a royally hand-crafted design with a marine blue coat, topped off with carefully layered clouds of platinum spread across the body and headstock. The design is hand-crafted in Italy. 

Platinum Cloud offers all the features that allow the guitar to blend in seamlessly into any musical genre: The guitar shares the same construction as the 2019 Mary models: The piano-style construction with two magnetic high pressure veneers on either side of her aluminum core creates a brilliant crystal clear sound that vibrates freely from the bolted on bent neck to the Piezo loaded saddles in the bridge. The Ghost Piezo by Graph Tech, built into the saddles adds warmth and enhances the guitar’s natural acoustic sound, widening the already extensive pick up functionalities provided by the sleek touch pad: two-finger coil-splitting and 17 pick up positions allow for in-depth tone precision.