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Wow! One of the most gorgeous Model 1's to come into the shop in a long time! Stunning Master Grade Hawaiian Koa with a very light burst to accent the grain of the wood done by Master Luthier, Rick Turner himself. With all the classic tones of the original model 1, this particular version is highly upgraded. The woods are very unique. The Koa adds just a slightly brighter "Spanky" tone to the guitar. The Mahogany is the bread and butter tone of the M1 creating warmth and sustain like only a Turner Guitar can deliver. Upgraded 5 Layer neck with N. American Maple and Claro Walnut. And of coarse, the full electronics package including: Turner Hum Cancelling active pick up; Parametric EQ with boost/cut function; Piezo option with blending electronics and a coil tap for those single coil applications. 1 11/16" nut and a 24.75" scale. Call for all details.