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That Iconic Rickenbacker 12-string Sound

I bought this Ric 12 String and played it less that 20 times.  The nut width was too narrow for my liking.  So this is essentially a brand new guitar being sold for a used price.  Take advantage!

With 12 strings, dual single-coil pickups, and a full-size hollow body, the Rickenbacker 381/12V69 12-string offers all the vintage appeal you could ask for. Based on a classic from 1957, the 381/12V69 12-string combines a hand-carved maple top and back with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard. The generous double cutaways provide excellent access to higher frets, while checked binding around the entire body puts a premium touch on this classic guitar. You know you've always wanted a 12-string Rick — get the Rickenbacker 381/12V69 12-string before it's gone.

All-maple construction provides a bright foundation

Everything but the Rickenbacker 381/12V69's fingerboard is made from high-grade maple. Maple's density is partly responsible for the 381/12V69's famous sustain and top-end jangle and shimmer. Maple is also very stable, aiding in maintaining the structural integrity of the neck. The thick rosewood fingerboard adds a touch of visual warmth to this premium instrument.

Vintage pickups and lots of tone-shaping potential

Loaded with a pair of vintage single-coil Toaster Top pickups, the Rickenbacker 381/12V69 sounds sweet and smooth. In classic Rickenbacker fashion, tone shaping comes courtesy of independent volume and tone controls for each pickup, a neck-blend knob, and a 3-way pickup selector switch.

Rickenbacker 381/12V69 12-string Semi-hollowbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • 12-string version of the Rickenbacker 381V69
  • Semi-acoustic maple body with cat's-eye soundhole feels lightweight and balanced
  • Maple set neck has a good, chunky feel for chording
  • Thick, bound rosewood fingerboard
  • Vintage single-coil Toaster Top pickups for smooth, sweet tone
  • 3-way selector with independent volume and tone controls for each pickup
  • 5th blend knob for even more sonic variety