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Turner Twins Model 1 and Renaissance #4 of 4

They’re here! Yes the Rick Turner Twins Limited | Model 1 and Renaissance Guitars have arrived at Heartbreaker Guitars and as expected… they’re stunning! Sold as a matching pair, the Twins are now on sale. Heartbreaker Guitars once again has teamed up with Rick Turner to create a new limited edition series that is different than anything we’ve ever done… A matching set of the 2 of the most popular Turner instruments: The Renaissance RS6 and the Model 1. Being a Turner dealer for so long it became apparent early on that most customers out there usually buy both guitars, but not at the same time. In most cases a customer will order a Model 1, then months later call back and order the Renaissance! Buying both guitars at the same time would obviously be quite expensive and could push up to $10,000. Our idea here was to create a killer set with all the bells and whistles but yet offer them for the price of one custom Model 1. Mission accomplished! These 4 sets will not last long as we are offering them at a price you would not expect. Rick had sourced enough Claro Walnut for 8 guitar sets and saved them for this occasion. The guitars: The Model 1 is made with the classic all Mahogany body capped front and back with a stunning Claro Walnut for that unmistakable Model 1 tone. A full electronics package including the active RT Hum Cancelling pick up, a bridge Piezo pick up with blending capabilities, a coil tap, and of coarse, the Parametric EQ with boost/cut control… The works! Mahogany Neck with a Rosewood Fingerboard. Gold hardware with Pearloid “Turner Twins” designation on the truss rod cover. The guitar literally “does it all”. This is the quintessential Model 1 design with everything you’d want from a Turner Guitar. The Renaissance RS6 is the ultimate stage acoustic guitar. Worried about feedback? Don’t! The design prevents 90% of the feedback normally associated with a traditional acoustic guitar. Turner patented “Timberline” pick up system gives you clarity and warmth like you’ve never heard in an amplified acoustic guitar. Mahogany sides and neck round out this perfect RS6 design. There are only 4 sets available and both guitars come with a hard shell case. Please call right away to reserve your set now. “Fall in Love” at Heartbreaker Guitars!!