Blackwood Tone Wood

Blackwood Tone Wood

Daniel Odle

Hello everyone! We are back here at Heartbreaker Guitars for another blog post, trying to give you guys and gals the rundown on some of the fine guitars on sale at Heartbreaker Guitars. We like to help you be as informed as you can be before you Fall in Love with one of our amazing guitars! That means talking about things like neck shape, soundbox depth, and, yes, TONEWOOD! 


The tonewood we want to highlight today is blackwood. Blackwood is commonly sourced from Africa, and the Tasmanian, which is located in Australia. The color on the wood is usually extremely dark, even appearing black (Which may come as a shock to some given the name) and is incredibly dense. 

The dense nature of this wood contributes heavily to its tone, as pretty much every sound reverberates off it without being absorbed. That gives this guitar a powerful punch and resonance when blackwood is used for the back and sides, especially when paired with a really light, absorbent top wood like cedar. 

At Heartbreaker, we sell many blackwood guitars regularly, especially models from Lowden guitars, as Sinker Redwood over African Blackwood is George's favorite tonewood combination. Check out our selection of Lowden Guitars here