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McPherson Guitars, based in Sparta Wisconsin, are some of the most innovative guitars ever made. Matt McPherson is an incredible engineer and luthier.With the signature offset sound hole and cantilevered fingerboard, the design creates a longer, more sonically dynamic tonal range producing an extremely resonant and textured sound with enduring and balanced sustain. An extremely difficult engineering feat, the cantilevered fingerboard takes quite a while to build, but the result is unmatched tone. You’ll know it as soon as you put it in your hands. McPherson Guitars are unsurpassed when it comes to the structural mechanics of design and craftsmanship, as well as their ability to measure and manipulate the tonal spectrum. Please check out all of our McPherson Guitars and call with any questions. Heartbreaker Guitars is an authorized dealer for all Matt McPherson and Kevin Michael instruments. “Fall in Love” at Heartbreaker Guitars!  




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