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Heartbreaker Guitars Heads to NAMM 2018!

by Brendan Smyth January 06, 2018 2 min read

Hello friends! Big news! The whole Heartbreaker Guitars crew will be heading to the NAMM 2018 in less than a week! This is obviously a big time of year for everyone in the music industry, and the whole team is pretty excited for the event, as it will be jam packed with exciting gear, interesting people and learning opportunities. We also know how it is exciting for everyone in the Heartbreaker Community, as it is usually a time to see what all your favorite brands will be unveiling for the new year.

Now we here at Heartbreaker know exactly how lucky we are to get to take part in amazing events like this, but we don't want all of you at home to feel left out, so we are going to be bringing you the whole experience of the show with updates, live streams, and pictures and videos! So, if you are not already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and make sure to subscribe to our channel on YouTube! We will also be doing nightly blogs from Thursday through Sunday, recapping each day, so be sure to check back with this feed every night for updates!

Some of the content we will be bringing you is exclusive interviews with luthiers and representatives from your favorite guitar brands! We also plan on sending out videos and pictures of as many booths and events as possible, to really let you feel like you are their with us! To give you an idea of some of the videos you might be seeing, here is the link to our YouTube Playlist from last years NAMM show!

If you have anything you want to see in particular, be sure to shoot us an email at info@heartbreakerguitars.com, and we will try our best to cover it!    

Written by Chase Porfily

Media Manager at Heartbreaker Guitars

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