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Heartbreaker Guitars is the #1 Rick Turner Dealer

by Brendan Smyth July 07, 2019 2 min read

Heartbreaker Guitar is the #1 Rick Turner Dealer in the World folks!  Thats right we here at Heartbreaker Guitars have known Rick Turner since 1995 Where the owner of the store, Brendan ordered his first Model 1 guitar from Rick himself.  From that moment we (and Brendan) have been huge fans of Rick Turner Guitars.  Rick is a master luthier and an incredible innovator.  He has been building and restoring guitars for an astounding 53 years!!  Heartbreaker Guitars and Rick Turner Guitars have collaborated on several joint ventures including the Santa Cruz Series Model 1 , the RT50 Model 1 Limited, and the most recent... The Redwood Series. All of these limited edition guitars were built in small quantity, designed by both Rick Turner and Heartbreaker Guitars.  Built of coarse, by the man himself!  Heartbreaker Guitars has sold over 300 Rick Turner and Renaissance Guitars so we've seen it all!  If you don't see a guitar you like, or want to dream up something exotic, just let us know because we've designed numerous custom orders from the shop in Santa Cruz.  The Model 1 Guitar, made famous by one, Lindsey Buckingham is Rick's most popular guitar.  The main reason is probably the versatility of the guitar.  You can played everything from Paul Simon to Led Zeppelin.... yes, no kidding!   The Model 1, although sounding fantastic in overdriven scenarios probably out shines every other guitar in crystal clean applications.  The pick ups are made right in the shop and Rick has the perfect "recipe" for these babies!  From the perfect "growl" of an overdriven tube amp to the soft acoustic touch of a clean acoustic amp, this guitar delivers it all.  There are many versions of the Model 1 Guitar.  The basic model 1 "tone" comes from 2 things: the unparalleled surfaces of the Mahogany body which allows frequencies to disperse more freely throughout the body, and of coarse the electronics.  The electronics which normally include both a parametric EQ with a boost/cut function as well as the Piezo option which allows you to blend in acoustic tones into your rig.  Even the slightest hint of the acoustic, Piezo pick up blended in can change your electric tone so subtly, but yet so dramatically that you'll find your self lost in plethora of tonal options.  Please call Heartbreaker Guitars to get more info on any model 1.  And please, if you want a custom order, you are talking to the right people!  Ask for Brendan, Paul or Jose.  We will spend time with you dialing in the ultimate Model 1 Guitar.  Heartbreaker Guitars is the #1 Rick Turner Dealer in the world!   "Fall in Love". at Heartbreaker Guitars! https://youtu.be/GI-5BqqJQ8o https://youtu.be/H-lZ4aAej3w https://youtu.be/MEXYBNCoiBM https://youtu.be/3efDoxnnc-w

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