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Heartbreaker Guitars-The Place to Find Your Relish Mary

by Daniel Odle July 07, 2019 2 min read

Here at Heartbreaker Guitars, we are Falling in Love with the Relish Mary. This unique guitar combines the best of Swiss ingenuity and modern innovations to create one of the most practical guitars on the market today. The Relish Mary is a guitar you simply can't miss out on!

The Body

The Relish Mary body comes in two varieties: The Relish Aluminum Mary and the Relish Wooden Mary.
  • The Aluminum Relish Mary is constructed using the Relish Floating Sandwich Construction, using aluminum and high pressure wood veneers.
  • The Relish Mary Wooden is constructed similarly, but with wood in place of aluminum.
Although both of these guitars have considerable sustain, the aluminum models tend to have slightly brighter tone, as well as a slightly longer sustain. The wood models tend to have a moderately warmer, less bright tone.

The Neck

Typically the necks on the Relish Mary has a scale length of 25.59" and a fret board radius of 10". The fretboard's are  Relish's signature sustainable Bamboo fretboard. The nut is typically graphite. The neck's of the Relish Mary guitars also come with Relish's Modern "C" shape for added comfort and convenience.

The Electronics

The Relish Mary comes standard with a truly modern and practical array of electronics. They boast the Emerson Electronic system with Relish Bucker XV pickups. The guitar's typically use a three way toggle switch as a pickup selector, unlike the touch sensor used on their sister guitar, the Relish Jane.

The Tone

The Relish Mary could be a synonym for sustain. The notes seem to go on endlessly, in the best possible way. The Aluminum models tend to have an incredibly unique and bright tone, while the Wooden models tend to have a more subdued tone. Honestly, the Relish Mary has a tone that can only be appreciated by hearing it: [embed]https://youtu.be/iJiSokFhgsQ[/embed]

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