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July 06, 2019 1 min read

Oh my gosh folks, we got Rick Turner gear coming out of our ears!  We've got the Santa Cruz Series 2 weeks from arrival.  We've got 3 more Lindsey Buckinghams coming.  We've got a John Mayer coming.  Heartbreaker Guitars is bringing in 8 more Renaissance Guitars with 3 Deuces!  We've got acoustics, we've got Ukes!   Remember folks, Heartbreaker Guitars is the number one Rick Turner and Renaissance Guitar dealer in the World!!  We have a more complete stock than any other dealer.  More projects on the horizon too!  Stay tuned for the latest:  Dubbed "The Icon Series", this guitar will be a tribute to Mr. Rick Turner and we will be making 10 guitars!  This guitar, although at a lower price point ($4995) will be decked out with some killer woods and appointments!   Stand by for more info on these guitars.  We expect delivery sometime this summer!   "Fall in Love" at Heartbreaker Guitars folks… where we are THE go to Rick Turner Guitars Dealer!

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