Koa Wood Guitars at Heartbreaker Guitars!

Koa Wood Guitars at Heartbreaker Guitars!

Brendan Smyth

Koa Wood Guitars at Heartbreaker Guitars!

We are proud to announce that we now carry Koa Wood Guitars! Here at Heartbreaker Guitars we take pride in the wide variety of instruments that we carry- from various body styles, to various string types, and tone woods. So today we would like to highlight a few of our guitars made with the special wood, considering we have guitars across multiple brands that use Koa wood as one of their tone woods. We love all these instruments, and we are sure that more than one will make you Fall in Love!  

Lowden F50 Sinker Redwood/Koa Wood Custom

This beautiful Lowden has an amazing Sinker Redwood top over gorgeous Koa wood. Unfortunately this one has moved on and found a new home, but George Lowden Makes some absolutely amazing guitar and this one is no exception. We hope to see a few more of his pieces with this wood as a medium!

Bourgeois Banjo Killer Burst Koa Binding

This guitar is a real knock out by Dana Bourgeois. There is little this guitar cannot do. The Banjo Killer has legendary flexibility. This one has a beautiful Premium Bear Claw Sitka Spruce top, over Premium Mahogany. This guitar also features eye-catching Flamed Hawaiian Koa. This guitar is really one you don't want to miss out on. Check the link to our posting here!

Taylor K28ce with Florentine Cutaway

Taylor Guitars have truly mastered the use of Koa in building guitars. They have several great Koa models, and this is one of our favorites. It is truly a finger style guitarist's delight. But you don't have to be a finger style player to love this guitar. It is a guitar any player can enjoy. Check out our posting for it today here, and for more information check out our Taylor Tuesday blog post about this beautiful instrument.