McPherson Cantilevered Fingerboards

McPherson Cantilevered Fingerboards

Daniel Odle

Hello friends and welcome to another Heartbreaker blog where today we are going to discuss a truly remarkable feat of engineering by an amazing American Luthier who is redefining the landscape of acoustic guitar design. Famous for his embracing of offset sound holes as a crucial part of his signature design, one faucet of McPherson guitars that are often overlooked is his Cantilevered Fingerboards. With the McPherson tone being famous far and wide for its clarity, texture, and character, most people don't realize that just as crucial to this is the cantilevered necks. These free up the upper bout to allow flexibility in the soundboard as well as effects the height relationship between the strings and the bridge and how high the strings sit off the soundboard.

Matt is a man of many talents, as when he is not creating ground-breaking acoustic guitars, he is running his company Mathews Inc., an archery supplies company that builds high-end carbon-fiber compound bows.  He has used his knowledge of engineering gained from bow-making and transferred that over to building his guitars. He got the idea for using cantilevered necks when he looked at violins and cellos and liking the way that they effected the overall tone of the instruments, thus inspiring his signature cantilevered acoustic guitars! The cantilevered fingerboards on McPherson guitars contribute greatly to the ability to extend the soundboard of the the guitar, which is a signature Matt McPherson design trait.

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