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July 07, 2019 1 min read

Heartbreaker Guitars now has 8 Relish Guitars in stock!  We have 3 Relish Janes and 5 of the all new Mary's!  Heartbreaker Guitars loves Relish Guitars for their innovative and pioneering design.  The Jane is made with an aluminum core, sandwiched by two pieces of wood veneer with curves and contours so sexy, you'll fall in love immediately!  Heartbreaker guitars has all of these instruments currently in stock which you can find Here.  We are uploading pictures as we speak so call us if you have any questions folks!  These guitars are simply amazing and Heartbreaker Guitars is one of the first dealers in the US to get their hands on these babies!  The reviews are all glowing.  Check out a few here:  Guitar Dreams , Guitar Aficionado , European CEO .  Also check out the reviews on youtube:  Review/Demo , Steve Vai's Tech , Guitar World

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