Relish Guitars Switzerland on Sale now at Heartbreaker Guitars!

Brendan Smyth
Heartbreaker Guitars has had it's eye on Relish Guitars for about 3 years now.  Incredibly innovative design, style and tone was an immediate draw for Heartbreaker.   "The Jane" Model is at the forefront of the line up:
Janes body consists of three different layers. The middle layer is framed with aluminium. The front and the back is made out of moulded wood veneer.  The secret of Janes unique sound and the extensive sustain lays in the combination of the materials and its construction. Janes body is a sandwich construction. The middle layer is made out of one piece of aluminum while the back and the front is made out of moulded wood veneer.  The guitar just exudes elegance and style.  Immediately you will fall in love with this guitar.   Heartbreaker Guitars currently has 4 Relish Jane Models available

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