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Taylor Tuesday - Taylor's Ebony Replanting

by Brendan Smyth July 07, 2019 2 min read

Hello everyone, we got another Taylor Tuesday Blog coming at you from Heartbreaker Guitars! This is the time where we take a minute each week to talk about Taylor Guitars, from the people who play them, to the people who build them, and the guitars themselves. We LOVE the Taylor's  in our collection. Still, there is more to this company than just a commitment to building high quality guitars. Taylor genuinely cares about doing that in a way that improves the world, and their commitment to running an ethical company shines through repeatedly.

This is evident in Taylor's new campaign. Taylor is throwing its weight behind Ebony replanting efforts in Cameroon. Taylor Guitars, in a project spearheaded by Bob Taylor, operates their own sawmill in Cameroon that produces sustainable Ebony through replanting.


The process was rough at first, with the seeds not germinating particularly well, but recent results have been more promising and Taylor is dumping resources into research of the poorly understood ecology of Ebony.

Bob Taylor has a genuine heart for the conservation of great tonewoods and the forests they grow in. As he puts it, "If we don't replant, we are not going to be able to build guitars in 100 years." and this is a sentiment that has been echoed by master luthiers a crossed the world, including George Lowden and others. 

As guitar players, we love our tonewoods and the other woods that going in to making great guitars. Who doesn't love a great Ebony fretboard or bridge, but Taylor has committed to making sure generations of guitar players after us can enjoy that feeling too, which is just another reason to Fall in Love with Taylor Guitars! To learn more about this process, click the link here to visit the Taylor Site.

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