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by Daniel Odle July 10, 2019 2 min read

Announcing the Taylor V-Class Bracing!!!

Hello friends, and welcome back to another addition of the Taylor Tuesday Blog series at Heartbreaker Guitars. We here at Heartbreaker want to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day tomorrow, and if you don’t have a significant other, no problem. You can just buy a guitar from us, you’re guaranteed to Fall in Love! Speaking of falling in love, we have fallen hard over the newest innovation from Taylor Guitars. It is not often in a field as old as guitar making that you hear of something that has the potential to fundamentally alter the way guitars are built and played. V-Class Bracing from Taylor Guitars might just do that…

For those that aren’t as familiar, bracing in guitars is the wood struts in the body that give the guitar structure, stability and shape the tone. It has typically come in one flavor for most of the history of the acoustic guitar, and that is X-Bracing. The basic compromise that is created by the X-Bracing pattern is that if the top wood is braced to be more rigid, the sustain is increased, and if the guitar is more flexible the volume is increased. The problem is a guitar’s top cannot be both rigid and flexible at the same time. Movement and stillness cannot exist in the same place. Or can it?

Andy Powers, a master builder with Taylor Guitars, dared to believe that it could. He was fed up with the compromise. Powers wrestled with the problem for a long time, until at one point a revelation hit him. There was only one way to do it. Split the top with bracing. Re-imagine how a guitar can be braced altogether: So he did. Thus, the V-Class Bracing was born!

The V-Class Bracing uses a rigid bracing in the middle that allows for a resonant sustain to let the notes rig out. This stability also helps all the strings and notes to stay in tune with each other. Power’s kept the top wood flexible on the to sides of the V. This flexibility along the main curves of the lower bout allows for the air movement to pack a powerful punch and produce amazing and clear volume.

Image result for Taylor v-bracing

Taylor unveiled at NAMM 2018 and the response has been amazing! Top players and builders in the industry are blown away! The guitars sound amazing, and possess an incredible increase in the response for the tone. The things that this opens up in terms of how a guitar can be played are hard to overstate.

This bracing should be available in guitars starting this year (2018) so keep an eye because we here at Heartbreaker Guitars, your favorite Taylor Guitars Dealer will be ready to hook you up!

For more information, visit the Taylor Guitars Website!

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By Chase Porfily

Digital Marketing Manager

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