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Bogner Ecstacy Head with Cabinet 101B EL 34's

This Bogner Ecstacy is in stock now! This is the Holy Grail of boutique guitar amplifiers and Reinhold Bogner is a legend in the amp world. Call for more details! "As infinite as the universe, as deep as our souls, the ECSTASY allows the mortal to travel these roads..." Our Ecstasy series heads were designed to breath like sweet old amps...all living in one box. The features allow the "DNA" of the 3 distinctly voiced channels to be radically morphed into sounds of the past, present and future. By using our foot controller you can access six tuned variations of these channels instantly. Imagine going from our notorious barking Plexi mode, to the greasiest, harmonically chewy overdrive and then washing it all down with the lushest most decadent clean tone. The Ecstasy comes standard with an amazing array of controls: 1/2 power switch, new/old style switch, dual assignable presence controls with 3-way Excursion switches to control speaker cabinet dampening, gain boost and individual pre-eq switches for each channel, plexi-mode, gain structure, tube buffered series/parallel FX loop with mix and master volume control.

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