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McPherson Carbon Fiber Touring Original Pattern Orange with Satin Pearl Hardware #10777

The McPherson Carbon Fiber Touring Model is the finest small-bodied carbon fiber guitar on the market! Leave it to Matt McPherson to make the best Carbon Fiber Series guitar on the planet! You would not believe the warmth of this guitar. You will swear you are listening to a wood guitar, but you are not! And this thing can take it all: bad weather, extreme heat, humidity, dryness and yes it can even get wet and you are not going to worry about his little baby. Durability, design, and tone are what this guitar delivers!

The unmistakable shape, the perfect size and the exact spot on the guitar make it a McPherson. The real power of the offset soundhole is how it increases the flexible surface area on the central part of the instrument. Vibrations from the bridge travel across a longer unencumbered soundboard to increase sustain and resonance. Man can build complex sonic structures, but only the soul can tap into them.

With a sturdy graphite core, the necks remain straight through even the most drastic temperature and humidity changes. No need to ever adjust it! The specially-designed cantilevered neck never touches the top of the guitar, allowing the top to resonate uninhibited and producing that pure, focused McPherson tone.

Specially-designed bracing system allows the sound vibrations to spread evenly throughout the top of the guitar with minimal physical contact. This allows the guitar to produce the most amount of sound with the greatest influence of tone and frequency. •


Body / Neck Carbon Fiber
Accent Color
Original Pattern
Fingerboard Carbon Fiber
Bridge Carbon Fiber
Nut Width 1 3/4"
Pickup LR Baggs Anthem
Tuners Schaller
Strings D'Adarrio NYXL .10
Number of Frets 22
Weight 3.9lbs
Body Depth 4"
String Spacing 2 3/16"
Neck Radius 12"
Construction Handmade
Made In Sparta, WI
Case Reunion Blues Soft Case
Serial # 10777
Warranty Limited
Heartbreaker Take The best carbon fiber guitar out there!