Paul Reed Smith Guitars

20 PRS Guitars on order!  Paul Reed Smith is a legendary guitar luthier.  He built his first guitar while he was a student at St. Mary’s College in Maryland.  He later connected with former Gibson Ace, Ted McCarty who helped him in designing what are known today as the modern PRS Guitars.  In the early days he struck up a relationship with artists such as Carlos Santana, Ted Nugent, and Peter Frampton which really helped in getting out the word about these amazing guitars to other artists.  Soon the secret was out, and Paul Reed Smith became a household name in the electric guitar world.  The guitars are hand made to the highest Quality Control standards.  Known for being the “do anything” guitars, these PRS’s can emulate sounds from the modern Strat to the Les Paul, all while maintaining their original tone that guitar players across the world have now come to enjoy.  Heartbreaker Guitars is proud to now be apart of the Paul Reed Smith family and we will soon have 20 guitars in stock.  Please call for any questions on these amazing instruments.

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