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Paoletti Stratospheric Leather Top Black

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It's here and it's in stock!  The brand new Paoletti Stratospheric Leather Top is on sale now at Heartbreaker Guitars.  HBG is an authorized dealer of all Paoletti Guitars.  Made with 150 year old Chestnut, this guitar is the pinnacle of European Guitar Lutherie.  Mr Paoletti is a world renowned guitar builder who has redefined the boutique guitar!

Like many of the best creations, Paoletti Guitars grew out of a strong understanding of the past and an artist’s active imagination for the future. Based in Tuscany, Italy, where from the end of the 19th century the Paoletti family once produced Chianti red wine, much of that thirst has been past down to Fabrizio Paoletti. In the spirit of paying reverence to the past and at the same time making the best use of the materials at hand, Paoletti began to make use of the ancient wine barrels left from the old family business. With many of these being made of 130-170 year old chestnut wood, it was soon realised that this gave the instruments a unique and impressive sound.

"This is the story behind my Wine Series instruments, today offered as Stratospheric, Nancy, LP, SG, V, DC and Skybass design. Visually the instruments are a mixture of the old and the new, with the Loft series replicating the chipped paint jobs of well-worn rock’n’roll guitars" - PAOLETTI FABRIZIO from Paoletti Guitars Factory